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Quad Cities Marathon Running USA Conference

The 2019 Running USA Conference will be held February 2019 in Puerto Rico. I put together some 2018 Quad Cities Marathon material for the event. Click the photo above for a 2 minute video or here for a set of photos and video clips.

Sudlow Winter Concert

A Phil Vasser Christmas at the Englert Theatre

A Phil Vasser Christmas with Cody Hicks.

Quad Cities Marathon Open House

Dancing with the QC Stars

Highlights from Dancingwith the QC Stars event to benefit the First Tee.

A more complete collection of photographs can be found here.

Player's Ball Midwest Tournament

The 32 best Smash Brothers players in the midwest region (13 states) were invited to compete at this Smash Bos tournament in Schaumburg, IL.

It was a great send off for Smash Bros 4.

Quad Cities Marathon Board of Directors

Chris Janson at Rythmn City Casino

Quad Cities Marathon Merch

Quad Cities Marathon Merchandise available at the Open House on 5 and 8 December.

Howell House Landscape

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