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Brian Harman Wins the John Deere Classic

edgeThe John Deere Classic kicked off this week … and I had the pleasure of helping the John Deere Classic Tournament with a few photos. Hopefully you’ve seen a few of these on the John Deere Classic Facebook and/or twitter feeds.

The John Deere Classic has really made a name for itself as the tournament to give young golfers their start. Jordan Spieth last year and now Brian Harman this year. Brian's win marks the 20th time a player scored their first PGA win at the Quad Citiesbased tournament.

Check out my photos on the links below.

Wednesday is the John Deere Classic ProAm.

Round 1 of the John Deere Classic. I spent the entire day at the tee box on number 2 to capture the entire field.

Round 2 of the John Deere Classic.

Final Round of the John Deere Classic.

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