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2019 Quad Cities Marathon


2019 Quad Cities Marathon

Quad Cities Marathon Press Conference

Kick Off Party (coming)

VIP Reception (coming)

Quad Cities Marathon Committee (coming)

Saturday Marathon Events (coming)

Sunday Marathon Races (coming)

Post Race Wrap Up Meeting (coming)

Necker's Jewelers Awards (coming)

2019 Freedom Run


2019 Freedom Run Highlights

All Freedom Run Race Photos (Searchable by Bib Number)

2019 John Deere Classic


2019 John Deere Classic

John Deere Classic Media Day

John Deere Classic Week

Birdies for Charity Awards

Firecracker Run


Firecracker Run in East Moline, IL.

Firecracker Run Kick Off Party

  • Firecracker Run Kick Off Party at Midwest Ale Works and The Rust Belt in East Moline, IL.

Fleet Feet 5k


The Fleet Feet 5k in East Moline, IL.

World Golf Village St. Augustine


World Golf Village St. Augustine, FL.

Quad Cities Marathon Press Conference


Quad Cities Marathon Press Conference at Crawfords Brew Works, Bettendorf, IA.

John Deere Classic Media Day


John Deere Classic Media Day at TPC at Deere Run, Silvis, IL.

Ganzos Cinco de Mayo 5k


Mitsubishi Electric Classic


I had the pleasure of photographing the Mitsubishi Electric Classic at TPC Sugarloaf in Duluth, GA. This is a PGA TOUR Champions event and gave me the opportunity to photograph some of the icons in the game. It was also a great trial to prove out my new Olympus OM-D E-M1X Camera System - silent, fast, light, and weatherproof. Perfect for golf. Click on the image for a set of Highlight Photos from the tournament. Daily Albums are below.
Friday Round
Saturday Round
Sunday (Final) Round

QC Storm KISS Night

It was KISS night for the Quad City Storm. Gwen Tombergs and her team put together quite an event for the Hockey Game the night before KISS is to play at the Taxslayer Center in Moline. I offered to do a fan panorama. Needless to say it all didn't go off without a hitch. When it came time for my 90 seconds on the ice, the focus on my camera drifted off :-(. Fortunately Gwen and her staff arranged a retake in the second period to save the day. Thanks gang.

Here's the final product.

Check it out.

Zoom in to see the fans with their KISS masks.

BHAEC Celebrity Basketball


Quad Cities Marathon Running USA Conference

The 2019 Running USA Conference will be held February 2019 in Puerto Rico. I put together some 2018 Quad Cities Marathon material for the event. Click the photo above for a 2 minute video or here for a set of photos and video clips.

Player's Ball Midwest Tournament

The 32 best Smash Brothers players in the midwest region (13 states) were invited to compete at this Smash Bos tournament in Schaumburg, IL.

It was a great send off for Smash Bros 4.

Lagomarcino's Cocoa Beano

2018 Quad Cities Marathon

2018 Quad Cities Marathon

Quad Cities Marathon Press Conference

I74 Bridge Update Press Conference

Quad Cities Marathon Professions

All Police Department Meeting

Kick Off Party

VIP Reception

Quad Cities Marathon Committee

Saturday Marathon Events

Sunday Marathon Races

Post Race Wrap Up Meeting

Necker's Jewelers Awards

Quad Cities Marathon Merch

Quad Cities Marathon Board of Directors

Quad Cities Marathon Open House

2018 Highlights for the 2019 RunningUSA Conference

John Deere Classic


2018 John Deere Classic

John Deere Classic Media Day

John Deere Classic Week

Birdies for Charity Awards

Firecracker Run


Power Grafx Softball


John Deere Classic Media Day




Girls On The Run


Quad Cities Marathon Awards


2017 Quad Cities Marathon


2017 Quad Cities Marathon

Press Conference

Committee (Photos by Leanne Widermuth)

Kick Off Party

VIP Reception

Quad Cities Landmarks

Saturday Marathon Events

Sunday Marathon Races

Post Race Meeting

Necker's Jewelers Awards

Highlights for 2018 Running USA Conference

Joe Moreno Headshots

MHS Cheer / Contemporaires


SHCC Member Guest


John Deere Classic


2017 John Deere Classic

John Deere Classic Week

Birdies for Charity Awards

Media Center Photos

Firecracker Run


2016 Quad Cities Marathon


2016 Quad Cities Marathon

2016 Calendar

Press Conference

Pump N Run


Kick Off Party

VIP Reception

Saturday Marathon Events

Sunday Marathon Races

Necker's Jewelers Awards

Highlights for the 2017 Running USA Industry Conference

2016 Calendar

Quad Cities Marathon Committee


John Deere Classic


2016 John Deere Classic

Media Day

John Deere Classic Week

Birdies for Charity Awards

Nick Birthday


Firecracker Run


Color The Quads 5k


Color The Quads Kids Races

A number of great photos by by friend Erling Larson.

QC Marathon Press Conference


Dreamstar Dance Competition


UTHS Basketball


Expression's Dance Recital


MHS Volleyball


UTHS Homecoming Game


2015 Quad Cities Marathon


John Deere Classic


BGCMV Golf Outing


Firecraker Run


SHCC Father / Son Golf Outing


Allen / Nichole Body Building


John Deere Classic Press Conference


Color The Quads 5k


Color The Quads Kids


QC Criterium


QC Marathon Press Conference


Bulls / Cavs Playoff Game 3


MHS Basketball Senior Night

edgeThe senior Contemporaries are accompanied at their final performance at Wharton Field House during half time of the Moline / Rocky Basketball game. Click through for photos of Basketball, Dancing, and Basketball player, cheerleader and contemporaries senior pictures.

MHS Basketball Tournament

Another great MLK weekend basketball tournament. Moline really pulled off the last game with a come from behind win. Way to go Maroons. Check out some photos from today.

SHCC Member / Member Finals

edgeHere’s the final match of Short Hills’ season long Member / Member match tournament. I couldn’t be happier since these are the buddies that I golf with every Wednesday and Saturday. This final match went the entire 18 ... and ... an extra hole before it was final. It the end, Mark Parkinson and Greg Ricke came from behind to beat Marty Davis and Pat Brorby on the 19th hole. Then ... we went straight to the 19th hole to celebrate! :-) Check out these photos from the back nine during this hard fought match.

MHS Girls Tennis Sectionals

edgeIt was a blustery day and the girls played tough. I stopped by Moline High School and grabbed a few photos of Sectional Tennis. Even though the title says “Moline”, there are some photos of girls from Geneseo, Alleman, and Galesburg. Take a look!

MHS Football

edgeQuite the brisk night and Moline got off to a slow start falling behind 49-0 at the half. They did come back and scored 28 unanswered points in the second half. Made it a good showing .... great character. Here are a few photos of the game and photos of the homecoming court.

MHS Volleyball

edgeI finally made it to a Moline Volleyball game. This was a hard fought meet and Moline was in the first game at the end and way ahead in the second game. Unfortunately they lost both :-(. Take a look at some of the photos I captured.

2014 Quad Cities Marathon

20140928-QCMarathonIt was a beautiful day for the annual Quad City Marathon. I always enjoy shooting this event as it is such an accomplishment for everyone that finishes. Thanks go out to Ken Arevalo for including me on the photographer team. I shot some pictures of the start, went to downtown rock island to shoot a few with the Centennial Bridge in the background, then back to the finish line for the leaders and the rest. Here are a couple hundred of my “picks” of the day.

Cowboys / Rams Football

edgeDid a little road trip to St. Louis for the Cowboys / RAMS game. Only had a little camera, but still had to capture a few photos.

MHS / Alleman Football

edgeIt was a heartbreaker for Moline. They dominated Alleman for most of the game, but somehow let them escape at the end. Check out the photos I captured.

Brian Harman Wins the John Deere Classic

edgeThe John Deere Classic kicked off this week … and I had the pleasure of helping the John Deere Classic Tournament with a few photos. Hopefully you’ve seen a few of these on the John Deere Classic Facebook and/or twitter feeds.

The John Deere Classic has really made a name for itself as the tournament to give young golfers their start. Jordan Spieth last year and now Brian Harman this year. Brian's win marks the 20th time a player scored their first PGA win at the Quad Citiesbased tournament.

Check out my photos on the links below.

Wednesday is the John Deere Classic ProAm.

Round 1 of the John Deere Classic. I spent the entire day at the tee box on number 2 to capture the entire field.

Round 2 of the John Deere Classic.

Final Round of the John Deere Classic.

John Deere Classic

edgeIconic Steve Stricker at the JohnDeere Classic.

Color The Quads 5k

edgeIt was a beautiful day for a very successful Color the Quads 5k race! A big thank you goes out to Mel Foster and race director Sarah Johnson for bringing this great event to our area. As you can see from my photos, this is all out fun for the participants.

Color The Quads - Kids Races

edgeIt was a great morning for the kids races at the Bandshell in Bettendorf for Color The Quads. As you can easily see from my photos, they had a great time! What a great event!

Color The Quads Volunteer Training

edgeThe Volunteers came by to signing, pick up their shirts, and get a little training. We did get rewarded with dinner at Azteca and a couple “Adult Beverages”! I captured a few photos ....

Moline Girls Basketball

A slightly abstract photo of the Moline High School Girls Basketball team charging down the court on a fast break. They played a hard game and came back from behind to almost pull it out in the end. Good game girls!!

I used the game to try out some new lighting and a remote camera. I now have four Strobelights (Canon 580EX), one at each corner of the field house, with extra battery packs, and triggered with Radiopopper PX’s. My main camera is a Canon 1DmkIV and I’m using a 50mm f1.4 lens for most shots. I’m typically shooting at 1/500th of a second shutter speed, f/2.8 aperture, ISO 1600 and using ETTL for the fill in flash. This game I also used Radiopopper JrX’s to remote fire a camera on the baseline. That is my new “travel camera”, a Canon SL1 that I set up with a 16mm lens on the floor under the basket. It uses the same 4 flashes as well and I was shooting at f/4 for a little more depth of field. There are a few good photos from here, but the flashes didn’t fire all the time ... still a few kinks to work out.

Take a look.

Cox Plate Horse Race - Melbourne Australia

I recently traveled “Down Under” and had the opportunity to take in one of their premium horse races, the “Cox Plate”. This is a legendary horse race in Melbourne, Australia that has been running since 1922. As you may imagine, it has a lot of the “pomp and circumstance” of the Kentucky Derby with a little bit of a “down under” flair. Here are a few photos of the horses, the race action, the people and the fashion.

Moline Volleyball

edgeStopped by Wharton Field House this morning to grab a few photos of Moline Volleyball. Take a look.

Moline vs UTHS Homecoming Game

edgeLots of excitement at Moline’s Homecoming game Friday night. It was an exciting, up and down, drawn out, hard fought football game against UTHS. And it was so much more … what a great day of celebration:
See my photos for shots of:
I hope you like them.

2013 Quad Cities Marathon

edgeI had the opportunity to shoot the Quad City Marathon again this year. It was a blast! The theme that I’d say was predominant this year was “EMOTIONAL”! I spent a lot of time at the finish line shooting finishers. The Relay Teams were excited and full of energy. The marathoners were different. A number came in completely spent and exhausted. Some had some left and had a kick to the end. The thing that got to me the most was the emotion of the first time marathoners when they came across the finish line. After all, they’ve been training for this moment for most of a year and a number of them just broke down. It was really touching and I really felt proud for every one of them. It’s so great to be close to the action. I tried to capture a little of it in photos.

Moline vs Alleman Football

edgeIt was a beautiful night in Augustana’s new stadium as Moline took on Alleman. Or should I say Alleman took it to Moline? I did get a few photos … check ‘em out.

Glow Run

edgeSeems like we’re coming up with all kinds of excuses to party. Here’s another one. The “Glow Run” in downtown Moline. The race started fairly informally with three waves of runners. Wave 1 - “Runners”. Wave 2 - “Walkers”, and Wave 3 - “Partiers”. I was surprised that anyone started in wave 1 or 2 since they all seemed to be “Partiers”. Check out a few photos of the evening.

Moline Football


Moline High School Football! This is one of the few moments of celebration from Friday's game as the Maroon's just recovered a fumble. I uploaded a ton of photos. Enjoy!

MHS Booster Program

edgeIt’s fall, the nights are starting to get cool, and it’s time for Moline High School Sports! This year I had the privilege of designing the cover for the Booster’s Sports Program. Hope you like it.

I plan to get out to a number of games again this year. Come back here to see photos of your favorite Moline High School stars.

If you have a special request, drop me a note from the contact link above or direct to my email at

You can always click on the MHS “Category” to get a list of all the Moline High School events I’ve photographed. I hope you enjoy them.

And … the committee was generous enough to publish an advertisement for me in the program.

See you at the game … I’ll be the one with the big camera ;-)

John Deere Classic - Final Day in 4 mins

edgeWatch the entire final day of the John Deere Classic from the edge of the 18th green in 4 minutes. I had a camera set up on one of the red stakes marking the water hazard and created a time lapse of the entire day. I interspersed a few photos from that area aswell. Enjoy!

John Deere Classic - 2013

edgeThe John Deere Classic kicked off this week … and I had the pleasure of helping the John Deere Classic Tournament with a few photos. Hopefully you’ve seen a few of these on the John Deere Classic Facebook and/or twitter feeds. Check out my photos on thelinks below.

Monday included the “John Deere Pro Am”, the Executive Women’s Day, and the John Deere Classic ProAm Pairing Party.

Tuesday included practice rounds, Callaway Club Fitting for Wounded Warriors, and the Youth Day Clinic.

Tuesday is the John Deere Classic ProAm.

Round 1 of the John Deere Classic.

Round 2 of the John Deere Classic.

Round 3 of the John Deere Classic.

Final Round of the John Deere Classic.

Moline Tennis Sectionals

edgeCongratulations to Justin Rumey and the teams of Derrick Stabler & Will Wallace and Jed Wood & Puri Pranav for advancing to State. I was fortunate enough to capture some photos of their matches at sectionals. Check ‘em out.

Moline Girls Soccer

A great header save as the Moline girls take on the Normal Wildcats. Please browse photos of the Varsity contest here.

And … I have a few photos of the Junior Varsity game as well.

Moline High School Basketball Seniors

edgeCongratulations to the Moline High School Basketball Seniors celebrating their season this evening.
  • Drew Owens
  • Bryan Brinker
  • Vashaun Newman
  • Jake Viaene
  • Josh Larsen
  • DeCarlos Flores
  • Devin Struble
  • Derrick Stabler
  • Jed Wood
I am proud to have produced the “posters” for their banquet this evening.

Here are the Moline games I shot this year:

All-Stars: Boys Metro Basketball

edgeCongratulations to the Moline members of the Boys Metro Basketball All Stars:
  • Tyler Boscontine - Sophomore Guard
  • Drew Owens - Senior Guard
  • Brandon Vice - Junior Forward
  • Jed Wood - Senior Guard
  • Derrick Stabler - Honorable Mention

This year I had the pleasure of shooting at a few Moline Basketball Games:

and … I am proud to have produced the senior posters.

Regional - Moline vs Rocky

edgeMoline advanced to the second round of the Regional Playoffs to meet Big 6 Champion Rocky. As you can tell from the photo above, it was a pretty physical game. Here are a few photos of the evening.

Regionals - Moline vs UTHS BBall

edgeThe scoreboard is a little confusing as Moline is the home team and UTHS are the visitors in this first Regional Playoff game. So … as the cheerleaders and students celebrate the score is 50 to 47 Moline over UTHS with 20.1 seconds left to play. Moline came out victorious in this very competitive, exciting game. As a result Moline advances to play Big 6 champion Rocky next … now postponed to 2/27/2013. Here are a few photos of the Moline / UTHS battle.

Moline vs UTHS Basketball - Senior Night

edgeIt was Senior Night at Wharton Field House for the Moline vs UTHS Basketball game. And … ofllowing the theme, it was “Senior Citizens” Night for the SuperFans!

Browse through my photos of the game, cheerleaders, and seniors and their parents.

Moline vs Rocky Basketball

edgeThe Moline Maroons take the floor of Wharton Field House to take on Rocky. Moline was dominating for most of the game although they somehow let Rocky tie it up in regulation and go on to win it in overtime. It was a heartbreaker for the Moline crowd, but it was a great game. Here are a few photos.

Moline vs Alleman Basketball

edgeOne of my favorite basketball photos of the year …
Moline takes on Alleman at Wharton Field House. I also captured a few shots of the Dance performance at half time and a few cheerleaders. I hope you enjoy these.

Moline MLK Tournament

edgeMoline is hosting the Martin Luther King Tournament this weekend at Wharton Field House. Here are a few photos of Saturday’s games. And … a few photos of Monday’s games.

Moline vs Rocky Basketball

edgeFriday Night Basketball in the Quad Cities. Moline takes on Rocky at Rock Island. The Sophomore game was a great game with many lead changes and was decided by a basket as Rocky came out ahead. Rocky dominated the Varsity game. Still, a fun evening and an opportunity for a few action shots. Check ‘em out.

MHS Freshman Basketball

edgeMy friend Ricky is coaching the Moline High School freshman Basketball team, so I thought I’d stop out and take some photos of tonight’s game. They pretty much dominated the game and I came home with a few keepers … I think. Here’s a few shots of the evening.

2012 Quad Cities Marathon

edgeThe Quad Cities Marathon started at 7:30 AM this morning and 2 hours and 19 minutes later the winner crosses the finish line. More photos later …

That’s how I started off the blog entry this morning …

After hanging out at the finish line watching all the marathoners, 1/2 marathons, and relay teams come in … I discovered that the story today isn’t about the winner, the women’s winner, or even the finishers. Today’s story is really about Joe Moreno. I haven’t been around this event much before, but I had a blast today. There is just a whole lot of energy and feeling of accomplishment here. And the energy seems to flow from Race Director, Joe Moreno. This photo shows him congratulating and cheering on the women’s winner. He did this for every single finisher … and he seemed to know everyone by name. Every finisher got a personal “high five” and “great job” from Joe. You can tell he just has great passion for this event and is really, really enjoying himself today.

Great event Joe! Thank YOU for all of your passion, energy, and hard work that made this such a successful, and truly enjoyable event.

And … a few photos of the day …

Moline Football Homecoming

edgeJared Requet makes a good gain early in the Moline High School Homecoming Football game Friday night. Moline scored on their opening drive and then had some challenges until late in the game. They almost pulled it out. Here are some photos of the evening.

Moline Maroon Football

edgeThe Moline Maroons took on the Dunbar Mighty Men and dominated in both the Sophomore and Varsity contests. While the Sophomores had the offense going from the beginning, the Varsity turned a 1st half defensive struggle into a second half offensive display. Unfortunately the reporter from channel 4 missed all the action as he had to leave to make deadline by 9:10 PM.

The highlight of the evening were the Superfans … they were Off The Hook.

Here are a few photos of the evening.

SHCC Club Championship

edgeIt was quite the dog fight. Clay Lee and Adam White battled it down to the final hole of a 36 hole match to determine the winner. In the end Adam White was victorious as our Short Hills Country Club Champion … now two years running.

The match was tied “all square” after the first 18 holes. Then in the second 18 holes Adam White built a commanding lead to be three up with five to play. Clay had a few great holes and battled back to one down with one to play, but ran into some tree issues on 18.

All the while our Club Pro was tweeting the status of the match. At least a tweet a hole. This made it very easy to follow and the current status was always clear. Nice addition this year Brian,

Congratulations to Adam White, our 2012 Short Hills Country Club Champion. Here are a few photos of the Championship Match.

Congratulations also go to our other flight winners:

Championship B Flight – Will Wallace
Directors Flight – Robert Wunder
Professionals Flight – Pat Brorby
Superintendents Flight – Ron Williams
Managers Flight – Dean Bull
Women’s Flight – Patti Lee

John Deere Classic 2012

edgeRory Sabatini walks up number 9 fairway during a practice round at Deere Run.

It was a full week of events at Deere Run for the John Deere Classic highlighted by a fantastic playoff finish where Zach Johnson emerged as the 2012 John Deere Classic Champion. I spend a few days taking photos … take a look by clicking on the weekdays.

The John Deere Pro Am was held with the sponsor exemption golfers: Jordan Spieth, Patrick Rodgers, John Peterson and Luke Guthrie. I also caught a few shots of John Daley and David Duvall.

Youth Day Activities in the Family Zone
Wounded Warriors Club Fitting
First TeeYouth Clinic w/ Pat Perez and Jason Gore

The John Deere Classic Pro Am. John Deere’s CEO, Sam Allen and the John Deere Classic Board President, Todd Raufheisen, played with Steve Stricker.

FInal Round of the 2012 John Deere Classic

Short Hills hosts the AJGA

edge132 of the nation’s best junior’s golfers came to Short Hills for a week full of golf. It was pretty humbling to see these kids with the grooved swing throwing darts at our greens. I loved the buzz. Here are a few photos of the second round.

SHCC Retains Velie Cup

edgeShort Hills Country Club’s Sunday Team posing with the Velie Cup. They started the day six strokes ahead and finished with a resounding 21 stroke victory. Congratulations! Feel free to peruse the photos of the day.

SHCC Mueller Cup

edgeThe Sunday Mueller cup team gets ready to tee off at Davenport Country Club. It was a challenging course for coach Lewis’ first outing. Here are a variety of photos from the day.

USA Today and My Photo

edgeI recently had the opportunity to attend the Peter Reed Miller Sports Photography Workshop. There were some great photographers in the workshop and of course we had some great instructors. One of images (above right) was described as a potential “Sports Illustrated Cover”. I was honored …

This past weekend I noticed the USA Today Sports Section had a very similar photo on the front page. I know it’s not humble to say, but I think my photo is even better.

TPC at Deere Run

edgeThe John Deere Classic is now just 56 days away. I thought I’d stop out at the golf course and grab a few photos of the clubhouse and course. Take a look.

John Deere Classic Portfolio

edgeThe John Deere Classic is now a short 2 months away and I thought it’d be appropriate to share a few photos from previous John Deere Classic Tournaments. This photo of Steve Stricker with the John Deere Classic trophy was from 2010 when he scored his 2nd John Deere Classic win. Last year he won again and I’m sure he’ll be gunning for his 4th straight John Deere Classic victory this year.

Here are a few of my favorite John Deere Classic photos.

And … of course … a few panoramas of Deere Run decked out for the John Deere Classic. Just click on these and “tour the course”.

Deere Run- 18th
Deere Run - 16th
Deere Run - 17thedge

Peter Read Miller Workshop

edgeI had the great pleasure of attending the Peter Read Miller Workshop on Sports Photography this past week. This was a full 7 days of presentations, critiques, shooting, and editing. As part of this workshop I shot 10 different sports, thousands of frames, and had 62 images critiqued. Needless to say I put in a lot of time and effort and was really rewarded as I learned a lot, met a bunch of very talented individuals, and greatly improved my photos. While I learned of lot, the single most important thing was what makes a great sports photo. This shot of the baseman running drew great praise as Peter suggested it could be a Sport Illustrated magazine cover. He should know as he has more than 200 covers to his credit!

One of the photographers sharing instruction duty with Peter was Grant Leighton who specializes in Portrait Photography. I took the opportunity to have him review some of my Portraits and he generously gave me a number of suggestions for improvement. I can’t wait to put them to use.

I shot somewhere between 500 and 1,000 frames of each sport. The motor drive on my camera was humming right along … I reduced this to my favorite 5-10 for each sport for the critique session. Take a look:

Mountain Biking
Roller Derby
Track & Field

Augustana Basketball

edgeThe Augustana women celebrate their win at the buzzer.

It was an evening of up and downs as the Augustana Vikings took on the North Central Cardinals at home in Carver Center. First, the women put in a 3 pointer as time expired to pull out a 66-65 squeaker. Unfortunately the men could keep their winning ways alive and fell 67-62 in only their second loss of the season.

I had my Radiopoppers with me and two Speedlites to try to get a little better light here. This allowed me to shoot at 1600 iso, 1/250th, and f2.8 for most of these photos. I put the strobes on the balcony railing and they provided mostly fill in light. Here are a few photos of the evening.

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