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Quad Cities Marathon Photography Team


2023 Quad Cities Marathon Photography Team: Mark Stegmaier, Erin Gehn, Ryan Gaines, Leanne Wildermuth, JR Howell, Erling Larson, Larry Engstrom, Don Henderson and Tom Moye. Not Pictured Mark Steward, and Mark VandeWiele.

We have a great team to capture the 2023 Quad Cities Marathon in photographs. In alphabetical order we have:

Larry Engstrom
This is Larry's 6th year capturing the Quad Cities Marathon as part of the official team. I'm sure he has done a few more before 2018 as well. Larry has also captured many of UTHS running events over the years and will be capturing lots of the weekend's festivities except for the 1 mile run on Saturday, when he
Ll be participating.

Ryan Gaines
Ryan is a sports photographer that will be capturing images on the Rock Island Arsenal … a location we've neglected in the past, in part due to the government restrictions of photography on the island. This is Ryan's second year on our team.

Erin Gehn
Erin lives in Rock Island and is shooting aerial pictures from the Arsenal Bridge. This is her second year volunteering.

Don Henderson
This is Don's seventh year as a member of the Quad Cities Marathon Photography Team. Don typically shoots along Ben Butterworth Parkway and historically did photos "The Wall" when it was located there.

JR Howell
I've been shooting the Quad Cities Marathon since 2012 and have had the honor of leading the photography team since 2016. I typically shoot at the Start Finish Line, but I also set up videos of the Start, Finishes, and some Drone Video and still shots of runners on the I74 bridge and other areas. I also handle most of the other shooting assignments outside of race weekend.

Erling Larson
This is Erling Larson's sixth year shooting the Quad Cities Marathon as part of the Photography Team. He started in 2017 and missed the COVID year 2020. Erling typically shoots the start from the overpass at the Moline viaduct to the Arsenal and the Finish line. He also shoots events on Saturday of race weekend.

Tom Moye
This is Tom's third year shooting the Quad Cities Marathon after shooting in 2019. Tom plans to shoot around Lindsey Park in Davenport this year,.

Mark Steward
Mark Steward is a videographer that I met while shooting for Brooke Maroon's Breaking Limits Dance Workshop. I'm excited that I was able to talk him into joining our team to shoot some drone and handheld video of our event.

Mark Stegmaier
Mark is a long standing member of the Quad Cities running community and this will be his fifth year shooting the Quad Cities Marathon as part of the official team.

Mark VandeWiele
Mark is a retired judge that took up photography in his retirement. I found him shooting the UTHS Panther Pant and convinced him to join our team year. This is his second year shooting the Quad Cities Marathon. He'll be capturing images as the runners cross the new I74 bridge.

Leanne Wildermuth
This is Leanne's seventh year shooting for our Quad Cities Marathon Team. She specializes in runners "jumping" for their pictures. I'm not sure if it's joy or delusion … she has historically done photos around John O'Donnell Stadium (Modern Woodmen Park) and will be shooting around the Centennial Bridge this year.

We plan to have thousands of photos of participants and the events surrounding the Quad Cities Marathon weekend. I hope we capture everyone that participates. These will be available sometime the week following the race as free digital downloads and will be searchable by Bib Number.

We have a great team to capture a great event.


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